Posso ter defeitos, viver ansioso e ficar irritado algumas vezes, mas não esqueço de que minha vida é a maior empresa do mundo. E que posso evitar que ela vá à falência. Ser feliz é reconhecer que vale a pena viver, apesar de todos os desafios, incompreensões e períodos de crise. Ser feliz é deixar de ser vitima dos problemas e se tornar um autor da própria história. É atravessar desertos fora de si, mas ser capaz de encontrar um oásis no recôndito da sua alma. É agradecer a Deus a cada manhã pelo milagre da vida. Ser feliz é não ter medo dos próprios sentimentos. É saber falar de si mesmo. É ter coragem para ouvir um não. É ter segurança para receber uma crítica, mesmo que injusta.
Augusto Cury

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domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

"PERSUASION", Romance inglês escrito por JANE AUSTEN

Anne was the second daughter of Sir Walter Elliot. She lived at Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire with her father and her sister Elizabeth.
She was very clever and a beautiful girl, but her father didn’t love her. Sir Walter was a handsome man but he wasn’t aclever man, he spent his money with things for the house. So one day he understood, he didn’t have much money.
So, Sir Walter talked to Elizabeth, so she spoke to the family’s friend, Lady Russel. She asked her friend, Mr. Shepherd, and he advised them to move to a small house.
Sir Walter decide to move to Bath. Anne didn’t like Bath, but her father was decided.
One day Lady Russel’s friend, Mr. Shepherd, met a men called Admiral Croft and his wife, Mrs. Croft. They wanted to find a house in Somersetshire.
Mrs. Croft had two brothers, the oldest called Frederick Wentworth. He loved Anne, so did she. Some years before they fell in love, but Sir Walter didn’t want their marriage. The Crofts sold the Elliot’s house and in some days Capitain Frederick Wentworth came to visit them.
Anne had a sister called Mary, she was married with Charles Musgrove, they lived in the village of Uppercross, so Anne went to Uppercross to stay with Mary and her husband. Charles had two sisters, Henrietta and Louisa. They were friends of Anne.
One day the Crofts came to visit the Musgroves and they said Capitain Wentworth was caming to stay with them. So Anne was very eager. All girl were excidet for the news.
When Capitain Wentworth arrived at Kellynch Hall, Mr and Mrs. Musgrove invited him and the Crofts to come to dinner with them at Uppercross. When Capitain Wentworth and Anne met, he was polite and cold with her. But he talked and laughed a lot with Henrietta and Louisa.
One day Capitain Wentworth invited the Musgroves, Anne, Henrietta and Louisa to visit one friend in a small town of Lyme. So they travelled by carriage and arrived there after twelve o’clock. There were many attractives things.
They went to walk and when they arrived in they hotel, at the door of the hotel, they met a gentleman coming out. they didn’t know him, but he was Anne’s cousin. He called William Elliot. He was very gentle with Anne, so Capitain Wentworth didn’t like this.
Next day, they went to walk int he beach, and Louisa wanted to jump down from the wall, but she fell and her head hit the beach. She didn’t move. Soon she was help.
After the accident, Anne travelled to Bath. It was a dark day. When she arrived her father and her sister were happy. They talked about their neighbours and about Mr. Willian Elliot. Anne didn’t understand why Mr. Elliot was interested in them, but they were always talking. But Anne thought about Capitain Wentworth, she believed Frederick was in love with Louisa.
So, she received Mary’s letter with news about Louisa. She was better and was in love with Capitain Benwick, so Anne was very happy.
One day Anne and Capitain Wentworth met in a teashop, and she was with Mr. William. After they met in the theatre, but they didn’t reveal their love.
So, one day, in the morning, Anne went to visit her sister and her brother-in-law, at the hotel and the Capitain Wentworth was there writing a letter. He finished and stood up, ready to leave.
The letter was to Anne. The Capitain Wentworth revealed his love for her. 
After this, they met again and all lived happy!